Sound design:


Bristol renaissance faire


Brocus Pocus




Personal heroes


Lemons For The People


All the way to wonderland


Wet work




Fellow officers


The Honeyhole has gone dry


Jesus Christ Superstar: Do It Yourself Messiah

complex (semi-biannual)


Force Continuum


Skin For Skin


Chicago podcast festival


“The Resistible Rise of Herr Helmut Drumph” (aka “the trump show”) + **


DIY Rooftop Concert


Eye For Eye


Spirits to Enforce


Crumble (Lay me down Justin…)


Wieczernik theatre group Passion Play


Peter Pan and Wendy+

Designer/audio assistant


Empathy festival


Empathy festival


Empathy festival


Empathy festival


Empathy festival


Empathy festival


Empathy festival


Empathy festival


Empathy festival


The conspirators+


Eclipse theater company


The Agency


Chicago podcast festival


The conspirators +


Final Theory


The Theater School Lab Series


24 hour play fest at DePaul


The Theater School Lab Series




Merle Reskin Thea

Summer 2017


May 2017


May 2017


May 2017


May 2017


May 2017


May 2017


May 2017


May 2017


May 2017


Easter 2017


April – may 2017


March-April 2017


November 2016


October/November 2016


June 2016


May 2016


May 2016


May 2016


Lent 2016


April 2016

Joe Turner’s Come And Gone+

Fullerton stage

november 2015

The Art of Living happy


No Chaos- Jackson Pollock's wife

TTS Studio series


NYC Fringe festival

October 2016


July 2015

Jack and Jill

TTS Lab series

June 2015

Circle Mirror Transformation

TTS Studio series

April 2015

The music man

St Patrick High School

March 2015

Pullman Car Hiawatha+

TTS Director theory series

November 2014

Rockaby +

TTS Lab Series

November 2014

The Phantom Tollbooth +

Merle Reskin Theater

October 2014


Marat/ Sade +

TTS ESP series

January 2014

Assistant Sound Design

shows with originals compositions are marked with a +

Duchess of Malfi

Fullerton Stage

April 2015

The Scavengers

The Healey Theater

May 2014

Hansel and Gretel

Merle Reskin Theater

October 2013

Sound Engineer

Kitchen Sink

Merle Reskin Theater

May 2013

Lizzie bright

Merle Reskin Theater

January 2013

Spring Awakening (a2)

Merle Reskin Theater

September 2012


Advanced skills


Music composition (software instruments and proficiency in: piano, guitar and electric bass)

, recording and audio engineering, Front of House A1 experience. wireless microphone system management and experience in Yamaha and Soundcraft digital consoles.



Computer programs

Qlab 2,3,and 4, Logic Pro 9 and X, Finale 2014, Final Cut Pro, Anime Studio 8 and 9, Wavepad, Dante Via and Dante Controller.


Additional Work Experience


Audio Consultant

Wieczernik theatre group Passion Play – Touring 2011-2015

The Wieczernik theatre group is based out of St. Hyacinth’s Basilica and does around 25 performances during the lent season. Work Began with them in 2012 and participated in the ensemble as well as advised on speaker placement and sound technology. In spring of 2016 he was interested as the lead sound designer/board operator for the show


The Eternal Dreamers

Initiated in September of 2011 with the first original, The Dreamers is the name under which music not used for show, but of show quality, is expressed. Featuring the soundtrack to Marat/Sade as well as a piece from Phantom tollbooth, The dreamers have released 6 singles and two EP’s (mini albums) and have passed the threshold of 1.6 million youtube views on their original youtube channel. The Dreamers Re-branded as the Eternal Dreamers in april of 2015 and already have over 9.9 million views since.



DePaul University

2016 Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Theatrical Sound Design



2008 Father Jack Wall humanitarian awards

2013, 2014 Theatre school at DePaul University Merit Scholarships


Sebby Woldt Sound Design

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